How Far Can You Throw a Potato Masher Grenade?

A potato masher grenade is a hand-grenade variant with an all-metal exterior. It’s surprisingly heavy, which means you can’t throw it very far. But how far can you really throw one? You might be surprised!

The potato masher grenade was a standard issue for British and American soldiers in the First World War. With its distinctive look, this weapon has become an icon of that war. It’s easy to imagine the thousands of these grenades being lobbed over trenches at each other during battles like Ypres or Belleau Wood. But did you know that they could be thrown even further than most people think? Find out how far you can throw one!

The average throwing distance for a potato masher grenade is about 15 meters. That’s not even close to the distance you need to be if you want to use them effectively in battle. If you’re going to try and throw one, make sure there are no obstacles nearby or else it may backfire on you.

What are you supposed to do with a potato masher grenade when it’s not wartime? Throw it of course! How far can you throw one? What does the future hold for this weapon? Find out in this blog post.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever thrown a potato masher grenade? The answer may surprise you! I thought it was just an urban legend that people could throw these grenades very far. Then, one day when I was in my backyard, throwing around some old junk to try and pass time, I found a potato masher grenade in the pile of garbage. Well, what does one do with such an interesting find? Throw it! And so I did…and much to my amazement, the damn thing flew over 100 yards in front of me. It landed about 6 feet away from where it originally rested on top of the trash heap. Now how is that for surprising?!

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