What Was The German Potato Masher?

One of the most iconic symbols of World War 1 was the German potato masher (also known as the stick grenade). This hand held grenade was used by the Germans in combat from 1915 until the end of World War 1. While it may have been replaced by newer grenades by the end of the war, it still remains a symbol of German military might. So what exactly is a German potato masher? Let’s take a closer look.

The potato masher is a household tool that is used to mash boiled potatoes. It is a simple tool with a long handle and a large, flat metal head. The German potato masher was first introduced in the early 1800s and quickly became popular due to its efficient design. Today, the potato masher remains a must-have kitchen tool for every home cook.

The German potato masher is a kitchen utensil used to mash cooked potatoes. This tool was invented in the 18th century and has been used ever since. The tool can be made of metal or plastic, but one of the most common materials is wood. A potato masher typically consists of two pieces: a long handle with a cylindrical head on one end that contains several perforations for pushing food through.

What was the German potato masher? The potato masher is a kitchen utensil used to mash potatoes, vegetables and other food. It consists of a wooden or metal handle with an attachment at one end that has a perforated plate for pressing down on food.

The idea of the potato masher comes from Germany in 1879 when it was invented by Samuel Joseph Wohl. Potato mashing can be done either manually or by using a mixer. So what is this article about you wonder? Well find out how this device became popularized and why!

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