How Do Potato Masher Grenades Work?

Yes, you read that right. Potato masher grenades are a thing and they’re actually pretty simple to make. When you hear the word “grenade,” your mind might go to something like an explosive device. But these potato mashers don’t work in quite the same way because they create a pressurized gas when detonated rather than exploding outwards like traditional grenades do. They can be made with just two materials: one plastic water bottle and one aluminum pie pan (or any other metal dish). The process is fairly straightforward too! So come on over- I’ll show you how it’s done!

How many of you have ever used a potato masher to mash some potatoes? I know that when my mom would make mashed potatoes, she always had one on hand. But did you know that the potato masher is actually more than just a kitchen tool? It can also be an improvised grenade! The idea is based off of the design and function of a pipe bomb: it uses pressure from either detonation or impact to create shrapnel and cause damage. The only difference is the use of explosives in place of high-pressure gas.

Potato masher grenades are a type of improvised explosive device. They’re typically made from two metal cans, one full and the other empty. The idea is that once the bomb explodes, it will release shrapnel in all directions. These devices were used heavily during World War II by both sides of the conflict. This blog post explains how to make an effective potato masher grenade!

The potato masher grenade was created in the late 1800s. It is a type of hand grenade that has been outdated due to its high level of danger for the user. This post will explore how these grenades work and what they are made from.

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