Why Do Potato Mashers Have Holes?

Potato mashers weren’t always the same as they are today. Back in 1849, a man named Seth Green invented and patented the first potato masher we know of to exist. He didn’t patent it for any specific reason, but most people believe that he did so because someone else had been using his idea without giving him credit or compensation.

In his design, there were many different features which have been retained by most modern-day designs including holes on both sides of the masher to help smash potatoes evenly from all directions.

The next question is why do these holes exist? Well, if you think about it logically – potatoes don’t come out looking perfect after being mashed with a spoon alone! These little holes allow more surface.

The potato masher is a kitchen tool that can seem like an odd addition to your cooking supplies. But, the truth is: they come in handy for so many dishes! Read on and find out why there are holes in my potato masher.

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